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Mashup Development

We create aggregators for news, ticket booking, delivery, goods and services, price.

Mashup Development

The aggregator will feature connected payment systems, an email newsletter module, and an integrated SMS gateway.
The aggregator can generate profit from selling leads, order fees, or selling ads.
High load
Your aggregator can manage thousands of simultaneous user requests.
Пример адаптивности веб-сайта

It is worth developing an aggregator if you need to concentrate a large amount of information on a specific topic in one place. Thanks to this functionality, users save their time. They do not have to search for the necessary data on different sites.

The advantage of such web services is also that it is possible to set up a filtering system. Thus, the resource is aimed at a specific target audience and its needs.

The functionality of the aggregator depends on its orientation, and, as a rule, includes product cards and company offers, average price and price fluctuations, search on the aggregator, a system of reviews and ratings, a payment system, a comparison of goods and services, a personal account, a shopping cart, an email newsletter, a data parser.

We select tools for specific project tasks.
Node.js allows us to process requests to the aggregator for load balancing asynchronously.
The core of the aggregator is programmed in Django. We use server-side rendering so that search engines index all pages.
We use Semantic as a library of ready-made components to speed up the process of development.
На площадке располагается 1200 квестов в 19 городах России. Поиск нужного квеста, а также оценки квестов от игроков, комментарии и обзоры.
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Comfortable Cooperation
We draw up and share a detailed workplan for platform development with you at the project’s early stage. Our clients know what they pay for.
We will engage an SEO expert at the earliest stages of working on the aggregator.
Reliable partner
We never quit a project halfway through. We guide and support your website throughout its life.