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Maintenance and Scaling

Support and enhance your web project after launch.

Maintenance and Scaling

We carry out technical audits for projects, establish the code base status, and coordinate priority tasks with you.
Technical support
We are available seven days a week. In the event of any critical fail, we can fix it even on a Sunday night.
We can integrate any system with your website: CRMs, control panels, online chats; we complete modules and implement new features.
We support projects from other development teams. We skillfully track and eliminate bugs, refactor the codebase — we make the project run as it should.
We test all components of the project to prevent any project breakdowns in the future. We carry out integration, regression, and unit tests.

The development is only the first stage of the project's existence. After its launch, it becomes necessary to make changes to the service's functionality, adapt it to the audience’s real needs, and integrate it with analytics and accounting systems.

We can support both the entire project and individual parts: frontend, backend, UI/UX design, QA.

We practice all the latest versions of Angular and consider projects starting from version 1.6.
We support React apps of all versions of the framework.
We take on the support of Vue.js projects of all versions of the framework.
We develop and support projects on Express.js and Koa.
Legacy projects are supported since version 3.0 of the framework.
We support projects on Django starting from version 2.0.
A retail online store. It delivers goods from the largest clothing market in Moscow at wholesale prices.
weeks of work
Результат работы над 'Modabus — Moscow Online Wholesale Store'
Интернет-магазин комиксов и сувениров, посвященных популярной культуре. В основе архитектуры используется фреймворк Django.
hours of work
Результат работы над '‘Want!’ — comic books online store'
Comfortable Cooperation
We compile a set of tasks into a sprint, complete it and deliver. We keep you informed at every stage of the work.
Under control
Keep track of the progress as you see fit: project manager/management system/direct contact.
Familiar tools
For task management, we use Trello; for version control, we use Git. Alternatively, we can adapt to your system.