Multimedia Cup — Online Contest Platform

A Russian-wide annual competition for content creators: journalists, bloggers, copywriters, editors.


To prepare the platform for the upcoming annual competition. To develop the new functionality, simplify the platform management for organizers, refactor the codebase and update the content.


We technically optimized the service. We improved and expanded the capabilities of the admin panel, programmed statistics calculation for participants and organizers, implemented a new skills system. On top of that, we implemented an additional PRO-stage of the competition.


Python Vue

Technical Audit and Optimization

First of all, we transferred the data onto Russian servers — to obey the new law of the Russian Federation on user data. Then, we refactored the codebase and implemented tests, guaranteeing the code quality. As a final touch, we streamlined the file structure.

Admin Panel

We added the functionality of registration and changing users’ data through the panel. Then, we Integrated a WYSIWYG editor to manage website content and participants’ works. We also performed a number of minor improvements in restructuring and filtering the database.

Statistics Calculation

We implemented the calculation of user statistics. Now, a user can see the number of completed tasks, received awards and their place in the rating list. They can track their progress in the personal area.

For organizers and analysts, we developed each task statistics collection. It includes the number of participants who completed the task. We added the ability to export data to xls or csv.

Skills Development System

We developed a system of skills that participants develop when completing the tasks. We developed a separate page that has all the information about the skills.

Jobs and Materials Filter

We wanted users to be able to quickly find needed materials and skills, so we developed filters.

Advanced Contest Stage

The organizers decided to make an additional stage of the competition. It is a paid stage with more-complicated tasks, a separate rating system, prizes and certificates. We implemented the functionality and connected acquiring system.

An individual certificate is generated from the prepared template using participant name, proven skills, date, stamp and signature. Available in the personal area and sent to the participant’s email.

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