Argo — Property Management Platform

It automates and simplifies the interaction between the management company and guests. It also helps businesses make informed decisions through the collection and analysis of statistics. Argo is a SaaS in the form of applications for iOS, Android, web browser.


The customer had a well-developed product idea, a brief description of the functionality and prototypes.

The immediate task was to launch a minimally viable version. And for this, firstly, to develop a project specification. Secondly, to evaluate the timing and cost of the implementation of each module, to adjust or approve the composition of the MVP. And finally, to develop and launch applications: for the web, iOS and Android.


We implemented the entire roadmap of the project: specification, prototypes, design, evaluation, backend, frontend, testing, application launch.


Python Django PostgreSQL Vue Swift Kotlin


To make a specification, we first collected and formalized the requirements for the product. Then we worked out the logic of the service and user scenarios, created wireframes – on which the future interaction of the user with the service became clearly visible.

Thus, the specification helped to evaluate the project and avoid cost overruns in the future. Based on the results of the evaluation, it was considered effective to postpone the development of an analytical dashboard for a subsequent iteration.

Administrative section

The functionality of the service is divided into two parts: for HANDS and for guests.

As a rule, management companies conduct many projects and real estate objects. In Argo, we implemented an interface with the appropriate hierarchy. You can create and delete project models, and real estate objects inside them.

We also implemented customer management, billing and payment monitoring.

You can also import data and export it to PDF and XLSX.

A messenger has been developed for operational communication between the CC and the guest. As well as a system of announcements: in the form of public and individual boards.

Client section

The guest, in turn, looks through his bills and pays directly in the service.

On the profile page, the guest can see all the information about the rented property.


In order to launch MVP cheaper and earlier, it was important to develop a design that could be implemented quickly.

First we developed a clickable prototype. This helped to make sure that the mechanics of user interaction with the service are working.

Then we started the design concept. Simplicity and conciseness were defined as the target characteristics of the design. We created several concerts, together with the customer we chose the most relevant one.

Then we prepared a set of reused visual components — which ensured the consistency of the design and accelerated work on it.

And we have developed layouts for all pages: taking into account different states and screens.


And finally, in accordance with the specification and layouts, MVP was programmed, tested and launched for all designated platforms.

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