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SPA Development

Single-Page Application is a high speed, impeccable user experience, and maximum interactivity.

SPA Development

Swift response to user actions, high loading speed, mobile application interactivity level.
A responsive web application looks great on any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop PC.
Cross-platform availability
A single app that works under any operating system, browser, or device.
Пример адаптивности веб-сайта

SPA is a rich and engaging user experience. We develop interactive personal accounts, administrative panels, tender platforms, advertising cabinets — or any functionality for your purposes.

SPAs have particular SEO problems because most of the content is loaded dynamically and is not indexed by search engines. We can solve this problem with server-side rendering. Besides, SSR unloads the browser — and the SPA works quickly even on low-power devices.

React for simple and easy-to-maintain UI components with high performance.
Angular for web apps with a complex interface and user interactions.
Vue.js for MVPs or small projects.
We use Semantic to develop responsive templates quickly, often without a designer.
A web service for analyzing and managing Instagram accounts. Autoposting, internal notification system, billing.
hours of work
Результат работы над 'NDA'
Площадка для управления и организации киберспортивных турниров по: Dota 2, HearthStone, Clash Royale, Gwent и другим дисциплинам.
часов работы
Результат работы над 'SGL'
Comfortable Cooperation
We muster a team of frontend and backend experts depending on the project's objectives.
Under control
The project is led by a manager who supports deadline management and resolves any arising issues.
Familiar tools
For task management, we use Trello; for version control, we use Git. Alternatively, we can adapt to your system.