Friday Travel — Tour Booking Service

A network of travel agencies. The company has been offering tourists personalized trips to dozens of countries for 20 years.


The company has an online service for booking tickets. We were tasked to finalize it: to fix the bugs, to make the design adaptive and to implement the additional functionality.


We conducted a technical audit of the web service, identified and fixed bugs on the frontend and also refactored the codebase. We adapted the layout for all the desktop and tablet screens. For smartphone users, we created a mobile version of the site. We also developed a ticket filter, implemented the forms validation and the endless scroll function for the tours page.


React HTML Sass Webpack

Bug Fixes

We conducted an audit and refactored the code, fixed the layout bugs, and ensured cross-browser compatibility of the site.

In addition, we configured the preservation and validation of input fields. We developed the endless scroll function for the tours page, with instant loading of new offers.

Adapted Layout for Desktop And Tablet Screens

Many site elements are secondary for the mobile users. For example, the blog, promotional codes, promotions. It is much more convenient to choose a tour or immediately contact the company consultant. These were the features we put into the mobile version in the first place, in order to increase user experience on the go.

Personal Area and Acquiring Service

Users can edit personal information, pay for a tour and use bonus points in the personal account tab.

We supplied the website with the Russian Standard Bank’s acquiring service for credit card payments.

Search Filter

We developed the filtering so that a client can choose a ticket due to parameters that are important to him, like price, hotel, tour operator and distance to the sea.

Customer Consulting

We connected the JivoSite service. Now users of the service can request a call or write to the operator in a messenger. All calls are synchronized with the company’s CRM.

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