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Made in Siberia
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SaaS Development

We create simple and complex SaaS solutions: auctions, tender platforms, control panels, betting websites, and cyber-sport platforms.

SaaS Development

We know what startups need. We select tools and technologies to ensure that you are as ready for the project launch as possible.
"A startup is either quick or dead." We do rapid MVP development to allow you to proceed to test your business model as quickly as possible.
We provide the scalability option at the earliest stages of the project. Develop your product without any overhaul works.
Пример веб-сервиса

Developing web services is a painstaking process. A corporate website can take from two weeks to a month, when a SaaS project, depending on the complexity, can last from several months to a year.

Preparing to launch a product with a full set of features will be long and expensive. To start, you probably just need an MVP or RAT (Riskiest Assumption Test) — we will prepare a working version of the web service in a few weeks. You will be able to test it on users. We use flexible methodology: each stage shows the finished functionality. This way, your web service will evolve iteratively, and you will be able to make changes at the end of each step.

You can also entrust the scaling and development of the web service to us. After all, it is more effective to accompany the program code from the person who wrote it. We will offer convenient options for cooperation on support.

We select tools for specific project tasks.
We program online chats, push notifications, and other interactive elements using sockets.
Modern technology for developing online services and adaptive websites. It lets us create layouts quickly, adaptively, and scalably.
Ruby on Rails is popular among startups, allowing you to develop scalable web services and sites quickly.
A service for hosting FIFA video game tournaments. The objective of the project is to bring together the cyber-football community in one place with uniform rules.
hours of work
Результат работы над 'Liga-Online — Cyber-football Tournaments Platform'
CS:GO players place bets before the game. According to the results of the match, the winnings are distributed among the winners.
hours of work
Результат работы над 'Money-Strike'
Comfortable Cooperation
We draw up and share a detailed workplan for platform development with you at the project’s early stage. Our clients know what they pay for.
We can muster a full-scale team for web service development based on your needs and your budget.
Reliable Partner
We never quit a project halfway through. We guide and support your website throughout its life.