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UI/UX Design

Unique web and mobile app design, interface prototyping.

UI/UX Design

Website or app design follows the logic based on user scenarios and usability test results.
We are consciously following trends and best practices.
We create designs that work and look great on any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop PC.
Пример дизайна

Suppose you need a design with custom solutions. In that case, we will connect an art director who will analyze the requirements, conduct a visual briefing and prepare a mood board. We will build the process so that you are comfortably involved. Already in the early stages, it will be clear what visual image the product will take.

Suppose the goal is to develop a design with minimal investment. In that case, we will select templates on the project’s subject and adapt them to its needs.

In addition to developing website design, we also design mobile apps.

We select tools for specific project tasks.
Modern editors for developing interfaces.
We process photos and prepare graphic elements for layouts.
Interactive prototypes for presentation.
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hours of work
days on landing page
Результат работы над 'SafeVPN — VPN Online Service'
Редизайн официального сайта Института Космических и Информационных Технологий.
months of work
Результат работы над 'SSIT SibFU — university admission website'
Comfortable Cooperation
We offer work stages that are critical for your objective. For websites, we develop a mood board and a visual briefing. For apps, we create an interactive prototype. We also perform usability tests.
We take into consideration the acquisition channels that you plan to use. We offer SEO promotion consultation based on your niche analysis.
We can adapt any design to any device type. We can develop a responsive layout, integrate it with the server part, and launch it.