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Online Auction Development

A full-scale web application that enables users to place lots and participate in the bidding process.

Online Auction Development

Any type
Classic – with raising bids, Dutch – with lowering bids, tender type.
The online auction products will make it to the search engine results, thus generating higher natural traffic for your service.
High load
Your online auction can manage thousands of simultaneous user requests.
Пример разработки интернет-аукциона

We have experience in creating online auctions with rich functionality: creating lots and opening auctions, auto-bidding, registering and authorizing users, personal account, live chat with sellers, sales statistics, an administrative panel for managing the auction, integration with payment services, connecting an SMS gateway for sending notifications, and much more.

When developing an online auction, we take into account all the needs of the customer. We do not use ready-made site templates; each solution is performed individually manually. This approach guarantees your site a unique functionality that meets the needs of the project.

We select tools for specific project tasks.
We program online chats, push notifications, and other interactive elements using Node.js.
The core of the auction is programmed in Django. We use server-side rendering so that search engines index all pages.
We use Bootstrap as a library of ready-made components to speed up the process of development.
Создание сайта-аукциона по продаже антикварных книг. Вы можете выставить свои прочитанные или редкие книги из домашней библиотеки на продажу и заработать.
часов работы
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Comfortable Cooperation
We draw up and share a detailed workplan for platform development with you at the project’s early stage. Our clients know what they pay for.
We will engage an SEO expert at the earliest stages of working on the online auction for you to generate traffic from search engines.
Reliable partner
We never quit a project halfway through. We guide and support your website throughout its life.