AddURL — Link Indexing Service

AddURL allows marketers to index an array of links in the Google search engine.


To design and implement the service from scratch, in accordance with the overall vision of the client.


We worked out the terms, developed the design and implemented the web service. To handle customer objections on the effectiveness of the service, we developed a landing page.


React Node.js Figma

Google Search Console Integration

Google Search Console is a search engine service that allows to index links. Working with it is the key element of AddURL.

The console’s API did not have indexing functionality. Therefore, we simulated work of a user in it. We integrated 2Captcha to pass the robot check. Also, we parallelized sending data — for simultaneous work with multiple links.

Web Service

While designing, we adhered to utilitarian minimalism.

The main page lets enter links and set launch time. We added an optional ability to verify the success of operations and to automatically repeat them in case of failure.

We developed registration and authorization functionality, a personal area with the ability to replenish balance, a page with task history.

Landing Page

The landing page is to handle potential users’ objections on the effectiveness of AddURL. There is a demonstration of service statistics, which is real-time updated and shows how many links are successfully indexed.

The result of the project is a finished product. The service efficiency is 95% successfully indexed links.

Project in numbers

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