Hitcharide — Сarpooling App

An app uniting drivers and passengers. Hitcharide allows drivers to earn money, and passengers to get to the right place cheaper than by taxi.


The client had a prototype of the service – it did not have a design and was limited in functionality. We were given the task of developing a corporate identity and design layouts.


We developed a corporate identity, a logo, and a design of desktop and mobile versions of the app.


Figma Adobe XD

Corporate Identity

A trip with a stranger can reasonably cause concern for both the passenger and the driver. Therefore, as the primary colors, we chose soft shades of blue and green. They evoke feelings of calm, trust, success, and are associated with orderliness and responsibility.


We developed about 20 logo variations. The final version was the name of the service with two location markers: a beginning and an end of a trip with the final part being a car that is moving between them.

Desktop Version Design

We created our own component library. It includes buttons, input fields, modal windows and all the other elements used in the service. The reuse of ready-made components accelerated the development of layouts drastically.

Mobile Version Design

The mobile version of the service was our primary goal. We developed about 50 design layouts. The result of the work was a full-fledged design project in Figma — which is convenient for viewing and editing, and is ready for future continuous support.

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