Кейс разработки интернет-портала ЖКХ

Позволяет жильцам проводить коммунальные платежи, передавать показания счётчиков, сообщать о проблемах, получать доступ к видеонаблюдению, участвовать в онлайн-собраниях жильцов.


The client had a functional prototype of the service but it lacked a personal area. The task was to implement the existing design, to develop and integrate a design of the personal area from scratch.


We developed and implemented a design concept and responsive layouts.


Figma Bootstrap BEM

Responsive Design

We developed three design concepts, presented them to the client, and jointly chose the best one. After that, we finalized the chosen one, while the additional two concepts were also conveyed to the client.

We implemented the design of all the pages based on the concept. Took into account screen resolutions of desktop and mobile devices.

Layouts Implementation

To speed up the layouts implementation process, we used the Bootstrap framework. We also applied the BEM methodology — thanks to which the client received a supportable and easily scalable code.

Project in numbers

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