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Mike & Molly — Italian Food Delivery Service

Mike & Molly is a cozy cafe in the center of the Krasnoyarsk city. It specializes in homemade Italian cuisine and delivers food to your home.


The food delivery service of Mike & Molly had been around for several years — there was a need to refresh the website design. It was also necessary to automate the checkout process.


We redesigned the web service and automated the checkout process. In the course of automation, we set up a check for the restaurant’s ability to take an order, developed validation of order data, and integrated order confirmation via SMS. To automate the checkout process, we configured validation of the data that a customer enters when filling out the order form. We also developed the functionality of order confirmation via SMS, which reduced the amount of operators’ work.





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We rethought and reimagined the design, however, we chose to preserve the color scheme. It still consists of shades of green, orange, yellow. These colors are associated with healthy foods and as some might say look “mouth-watering”. To make changes stand out more, we redesigned the structure of some pages.

Checkout Process Automation

To automate order processing, we needed to set up a check that the restaurant is ready to accept an order. We have developed modal windows that indicate that the restaurant is too busy or is not working.

It is also necessary to guarantee the correctness of the data entered by a customer. We developed the validation of all the input fields. To standardize addresses, we integrated the auto-complete functionality.

Now that data was automatically validated, it stopped being necessary for an operator to call customers and specify them manually. So we made an alternative way of confirming an order — via SMS. Thus, operators were unloaded and the order process was automated.

Project in numbers

hours of work


We thank Sibdev for their professionalism and wish them success! In the course of work, Sibdev developed and integrated design of the web service, developed data validation and confirmation orders via SMS functionality, and automated the ordering process. Modal windows were developed to be displayed when the restaurant is under heavy load or after hours, and sound notifications were added to the admin panel.