Кейс разработки онлайн-викторины для МГУУ

МГУУ Правительства Москвы — вуз, который выпускает специалистов органов государственной власти, финансовых и экономических служб, международных отношений.


Within the framework of anti-corruption education, the university decided to develop an online platform to conduct quizzes. With it, the university management is planning to check and expand anti-corruption knowledge.


We developed the business logic of the quiz and implemented it at the server as well as administrational functionality. For the purpose of a more rapid product delivery we chose Ruby on Rails framework.


Ruby on Rails Active Admin

Server Side

We developed the quiz logic: categories of questions, right answers scoring, rating system.

Also we implemented a new user interface for editing questions and answers, as well as the functionality to import them from Excel.

In order to store questions and answers, user information and statistics, we designed and developed a database. To integrate the server-side with the frontend, we developed a REST API.

Admin Panel

One of the client’s requirements was the ability to easily manage users and collect statistics. We relied on the Active Admin framework to implement an admin dashboard.

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