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Modabus — Moscow Online Wholesale Store

A retail online store. It delivers goods from the largest clothing market in Moscow at wholesale prices.


Previous developers refused to continue working on the project. We faced the tasks of fixing bugs on the frontend, finalizing the functionality of the server-side and eliminating security vulnerabilities.


We analyzed legacy code, fixed bugs, provided secure access to the service, developed a registration system, automated the addition of goods from the VK social media site.



Django v2.0.5


Bug Fixes

First of all, we fixed layout bugs, debugged the client account display algorithm, restored the authorization and sorting of goods. In order to ensure security, we finalized the user role system and delimited access to pages and APIs.

VK Parser

Some suppliers post goods in their personal profiles in Vkontakte. We enhanced the parser to automatically add goods from the social network directly to the online store.

Purchasing Management

Items from user orders get on the general purchasing list. The closest operator purchases the goods and updates the status on the list page. The problem was that the status of the order was not always displayed correctly, which caused operators to buy goods more than ones.

We solved the problem by adding validation of sending the request to the server. We also developed a mobile version of the list page so that employees can update their status immediately after purchase.

Project in numbers

weeks of work


Many thanks to this team for the work already done. I want to note several positive and important points — the quality of the work performed, feedback, responsibility, deadlines and generally normal human understanding at the highest professional level. We have been cooperating for the 3rd month with the studio, our cooperation continues to this day.