Panacea — Corporate Website of Medical Center

Panacea medical center specializes in infectious diseases and offers treatment programs for deadly viruses such as hepatitis C.


To inform Panacea’s clients about services, special programs and promotions, the center’s management decided to contact us to develop a website that reflects the center’s values.


We decided to use Django — a Python framework. It was flexible enough to take into account all the client’s requirements. For editing the content of the website, we launched an admin panel.


Python (Django) HTML5, CSS3 HTML5, CSS3 Gulp BEM Figma

Analysis and Design

We conducted data collection and analyzed the client’s requirements. We took notes on the medical center’s main features, unique positioning and offers. The main goal of the center is to get patients with hepatitis C to know that the deadly disease is treatable and Panacea can help fight it.

We put pages that are especially useful for patients with hepatitis C and other serious infectious diseases in the structure of the future website.

Panacea conducts meetings with patients, where specialists tell patients how to fight the disease effectively and what treatment methods exist. We put announcements and reports of meetings on the Patient’s School page.

Panacea is the first private clinic in Krasnoyarsk that specializes in the treatment of hepatitis C. We gave the topic of this disease a separate page, where the course of treatment is well described.

Server side

We used Django, a Python framework, in the development of the server side. We launched an administrative panel so that the client can independently edit the content.

Responsive Design

We used the Flexbox technology to develop the layouts. The website is adaptive for desktop and laptop resolutions. The client decided against the mobile-responsive layouts, however, we laid down scalability in case the client wants to attract their mobile audience in the future.

Project in numbers

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