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Sony Music Academy — Talent Scouting Project

Sony Music is the world's second-largest record company and is part of the Big Three, which controls over 70% of the global music market. The Russian branch of Sony Music turned to us for the implementation of their idea - to create and launch a website to attract new talent.


To develop and launch a landing page within a limited time frame, the main goal of which is
collection of applications. The implementation must: have an up-to-date Lo-Fi style visual, manage the collection, and securely store participant data in one place. You need to place the project on the corporate server of Sony Music Entertainment.


Together with the customer, we formed the concept and finalized the design of the Academy's landing page. Based on the received layouts, we made up the landing page using Tilda. To collect applications, we created a form that sends the data of participants directly to the service for optimizing the work of recruiters. To publish the landing page on the Sony Music server, it became necessary to adapt the site and transfer it to the WordPress platform. And at the end of the deadline for collecting applications, we hid the form - instead, an inscription appeared with a link to the customer's e-mail.







The landing page had an image task-to convey creativity as a value of the Academy.

The concept is based on the Lo-Fi style. Its key words are simplicity, relaxation, lack of processing (or such a feeling). So, the design of the cassette was finalized, and the texture of writing paper with torn edges was chosen for the background.

We also added dynamics: we animated elements when scrolling, in some places we used a live video sequence for the background.

Choosing Optimal Technologies

Initially, we built the site on Tilda. This was the most optimal solution: taking into account the desired design, functions and deadlines. 

However, when the site was transferred to the Sony Music server, there was a need to "move" to WordPress. This was dictated by the guidelines and rules of the corporation — which we all strictly followed.

Optimization of Collecting Applications

We linked the site with the Greenhouse HR service. It facilitates the work of a recruiter, safely stores and allows you to analyze data.

We also set up a stop for collecting applications. In order not to lose the "leads", on the right day, instead of the form, there was an offer to contact outside the Academy.

Stylized Email Layouts

We created stylized letters with the results of whether the participant passed for an internship. They were sent out at the end of the consideration of applications.

Academy's Outcomes

The project was successfully completed. More than 1800 applications were collected, of which 21 participants were selected.

Project in numbers

hours of work


We appreciate the patience and professionalism that the Sibdev team has shown throughout the project. We look forward to continuing to work with Sibdev and further joint creation of creative and daring projects.