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WantShop — Comic Books Online Store

A comic books, gifts and accessories store. It sells products both offline and online. The project has been existing and developed for 8 years.


With the growth of the business, the requirements for the online store have expanded. The client turned to the studio to improve website usability, partially automate the work of company managers and integrate the efficiency metrics of the online store.


We set up authorization via Google, simplified the checkout process, developed an interactive map with delivery points, connected address classifier to autofill delivery addresses. Also, we automated the preparation of order status letters, connected Yandex.Cash and Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce analytics system, added the sorting of goods function to the administrative panel.






Order System

Initially, the entire process of placing an order took place on one screen. The screen was overloaded with information and input fields. We broke it into 3 simplified ones: execution, delivery and confirmation. Each is also divided into several consecutive steps.

Interactive Delivery Map

If the buyer chooses delivery to one of SDEK delivery points, he can choose the appropriate one on a clear interactive map. Yandex.Maps were used for the implementation of this feature.

Customer Notification Automation

Previously, content managers manually wrote letters to customers: “order accepted”, “order collected”, “order delivered”. We automated the routine process by developing dynamic email templates. Now the manager is able to compose a message using the administrative panel, while the system will insert all additional information about the order automatically. The manager now has convenient access to all previous messages.

Store Performance Analytics

We integrated the Google Enhanced Ecommerce plugin. Thanks to it the company marketers can collect user interaction metrics for products: clicks, views, additions and deletions from the cart, purchases and returns.

Administrative Panel

The online store has a promotional code system. To make assigning them to goods more convenient, we added the ability to sort items by the applicable promotional codes in the admin panel.

Payment System

We connected the payment system by Yandex to easily pay for purchases.

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